Alzheimer’s disease and the herpes virus

In November of this year, the world aroused sensational news. It turns out that there is a relationship between Alzheimer’s and herpes! Use of antiherpetic drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease?

Database, Alzheimer’s disease and the herpes virus

Each day scientific information becomes more and more. To perform the entire flow of existing information the person is not under force, and this begins to engage the machine. Statistical analysis and bionformatics methods, and artificial intelligence allows in a short time to perform a huge amount of information, compare data and draw conclusions. Of course, this whole process is not fully automated, but for him work of a team of researchers conducting this meta-analysis.

Informationsee using statistical and research methods, a team of scientists from the University of Edinburgh has established a clear link between Alzheimer’s and herpes simplex virus. As object of research were taken from the database of Taiwan, where every citizen is obliged to undergo a medical examination. Therefore, the database of Taiwanese patients is considered the most reliable for scholars in medical statistics.

Scientists have discovered that most people identified with herpes simplex virus there is an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. As is known, the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has not yet been invented, but scientists have suggested that the disease can be prevented with the help of antiherpetic drugs.

The herpes virus and the gene АРОЕ4

Has long been established that persons with the gene of apolipoprotein E 4 (АРОЕ4) have an increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. However, the mechanism of development of pathology on activity of this gene is not yet known.

The team of Professor of neurobiology Ruth Itzhaki of the University of Manchester found that the implementation of the disease is most likely under the influence of herpes simplex virus in people with the gene АРОЕ4. The Professor revealed that the probability of Alzheimer’s disease is 12 times higher in people with the gene АРОЕ4 and herpes simplex virus compared to those who have neither. No other agent.

Studies on cell cultures have shown that when infected with the virus, the nerve cells start to accumulate beta-amyloid protein and abnormal Tau proteins, which lead to neurodegenerative processes in Alzheimer’s disease.

Medications for Alzheimer’s disease?

Unfortunately, the virus-infected cells, where the accumulation of amyloid, while not to save. However, using antiherpetic drugs, apparently, it is possible to prevent such a scenario, because scientists believe the herpes simplex virus is the main precipitating factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, the use of antiherpetic funds from individuals implemented disease will stop the disease process and to limit the scale of negative effects of virus infection on brain cells.

In the above-mentioned us Taiwan the use of antiherpetic means for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease has already passed successfully, and is currently undergoing demographic studies in other countries that will allow to obtain reliable data regarding the potential use of antiviral drugs for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.