Multitasking good for your brain

The new work of scientists disproves all hitherto existing opinion that multitasking, in which people are addressing several different cases, reduces the performance of brain activity. Researchers at the University of Michigan came to the conclusion that work in multitasking mode on the contrary is useful, as it can increase the productivity of the brain.

Many are already used to read and write messages on the go, view your mail while talking on the phone is typical in our time examples of multitasking. It used to be that the constant need to switch from one activity to another only distracts and makes you do more mistakes.

But experts at the University of Michigan conducted an experiment with the participation of 162 people, and it showed that the need to cope with several tasks useful for the brain. In terms of multi-tasking demonstrate a higher quality of thinking – this conclusion of the authors of the study published in the journal Psychological Science.

The participants of the experiment dealt with the different tests. For example, they had to solve two puzzles located side by side on the same screen, but the backgrounds are different colors. One group of volunteers believed that both rebus is part of the same study. Another group that two studies. In the second group, faced with multitasking, coped with the task better. These same subjects were recorded and the highest average pupil dilation is a symptom of a greater mental effort, because multitasking is perceived by the brain as a more complex activity.

“Multitasking is often a matter of perception. Regardless of whether the person is busy with one task or several, his perception of work multi-tasking increases productivity,” stated the researchers.
In their opinion, any future work it is useful to perceive multi-tasking as this encourages the brain to look for optimal ways to solve these problems and improves the overall result.

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