Daughter of people’s artist of the USSR Kenigson died in Germany

In Germany died Natalia Kenigson, who served in the Taganka Theatre and working on TV. But most known of her relatives – father and husband, who became the real stars of the Soviet cinema.

Natalia Kenigson was born in the family of people’s artist of the Soviet Union Vladimir Kenigson and actress Nina Chernyshevskiy. Vladimir Kenigson is one of the brightest representatives of the school of the Maly theatre, where he has served since 1949. Born in a Swedish family, Kenigson had exceptional talent that allowed him to become one of the most recognizable performers not only on the Soviet stage, but in the movie. Kenigson starred in many famous films, and even his voice spoke of foreign movie stars, for example, the legendary Barney Fife from the TV series about Fantomas. Voice Kenigson really liked Louis de Funes.

Natalia was married to actor Alexey Eybozhenko also one of the former popular Soviet performers. Eybozhenko managed in his short life to work in several theatres, including the Theatre, the Mayakovsky Theatre and Maly theatre, where he played over 20 roles. Eybozhenko, famous for such films as “On thin ice”, “Variant omega”, “the rest of your life”, “According to the criminal investigation” and many others. He died at the age of just 46 years, as a result of hypertension. With Natalia Kenigson son Alexei, Eybozhenko became a popular TV presenter.

Natalia Vladimirovna almost starred in the movie, dedicating himself to theater and directing work, including work on television. The last years she lived in Germany, where died about three weeks before his 79th birthday. (READ MORE)