Wearing Your Boyfriend's Hoodie Is Actually Good For Your Health

Partner constantly giving you grief for stealing their stuff on the reg? This might let you off the hook…

According to a new study out of the University of British Columbia, wearing your S.O’s clothes can actually be beneficial for your health. Researchers enlisted 96 women and randomly assigned them to sniff one of three scents: their romantic partner’s, a stranger’s or something neutral.

The participants then underwent a series of tests to measure their cortisol levels.

The group that were given a waft of their partner (courtesy of a t-shirt worn for 24 hours that had been frozen to retain the smell), showed much lower levels of stress and anxiety. But interestingly, those who were given the t-shirts worn by a stranger had significantly higher cortisol levels.

Bottom line? Next time your boyfriend complains, tell him he needs to suck it up – science says so.

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