Cure different types of cancer goes on sale

It became known that will soon go on sale drug from different types of cancer. In the USA, control of food and drugs approved the medicine called Vitrakvi able to treat cancers such as sarcoma, thyroid cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and other types.

This drug was developed by Loxo Oncology and Bayer. It is intended for the treatment of cancer mutations that are able to treat disease at the genetic level. According to scientists, about 2.5-3 thousand people annually acquire a mutated cancers.

The researchers are convinced that for the successful treatment of mutated cancer important only by its type, its location does not matter.

“The approval is another important step in the fight various types of cancer based on their tumor genetics, and not just on the basis of their local origin in the body”, – said the expert.
The developers told about the test results of a universal cure for several types of cancer. In a study of 109 people, 81% of the test subjects was recorded a clear improvement in the reduction of the tumor, 17% were able to heal completely from cancer.

When exactly will appear on sale cure different types of cancer is still unknown, but it is clear that it will happen soon.

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