The best benefits of coffee flour

The last time humanity learns about a growing number of useful properties of flour from coffee beans. German experts identified the 5 most valuable.

One of the most useful ingredients of the coffee flour are soluble fiber. They contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system and all its processes. Fiber slows the digestion of food and thus the person experiences a feeling of satiety over a longer period of time. This reduces the risk of overeating. In addition, soluble fiber can help prevent constipation.

Coffee flour contains potassium is very important for fluid balance in the body component. In addition, potassium is necessary for normal functioning of muscles, cells and nerves.

Compared with the traditional flour coffee contains very low levels of body fat. And this makes it an excellent dietary Supplement or a full-fledged part of our diet. Dieters must pay attention to the flour made from coffee beans.

Flour, coffee beans do not contain gluten as wheat flour. So, it is perfectly suitable for people suffering from celiac disease, which destroys the shell of the small intestine.

Finally, the flour is rich in antioxidants which strengthen the immune system. A recent study by researchers from Brandeis University have shown that due to the low temperature roasting of coffee flour contains more antioxidants compared to normal coffee. Well, do antioxidants have the ability to protect from aging by destroying free radicals. (READ MORE)