28 years of nose bleed: Zinas undetected disease will cost their children nearly the life

The Doctors know no advice, only guesses, and send the young woman back to home. First, as well as their children begin to show symptoms, the Doctors noisy.

It begins when she is eight years old. For the first Time, there is no reason to worry, but soon Zina bleeds Martinez from Las Vegas almost daily from the nose, as you told the American magazine “Washington Post”. Their parents to go to several Doctors, do your Suffering, however, as harmless. Martinez’s constantly bleeding nose is probably due to the dry desert air, and you drill a lot. A possible connection between the nosebleeds and the occasional seizures, in which Martinez suffered already at the age of five, did not see the Doctors.

14 years later the young woman sits, in the seventh month of pregnancy, on the Couch in her apartment. Suddenly, she’s bleeding again from the nose. Martinez knows what to do. As always, the now 22-Year-old pinches her nose with thumb and forefinger to stop the bleeding. But this Time it doesn’t work as usual. Instead, you injected the blood from the mouth.

Again, the Doctors are at a loss, not to make up assumptions, but they deal more with the enigmatic case. Martinez must be 36 years of age and three children to the world, to learn, of which she herself suffers.

Almost all of her son’s dying – Doctors don’t know yet

Their two sons, snap back hat ball cap, and Antonio, and their daughter Elliyana all come into the world healthy. At least the first few years, it seems. One day, in may 2011, gets Martinez a worrying call from Dauntes elementary school; the seven-year-old lawsuit over massive headache and Nausea, had to pass. In the hospital for the CT Scan then the shock: snap back hat ball cap had suffered a brain hemorrhage caused by a congenital Vascular malformation (“Arteriovenous Malformation”) in his brain.

“AV-malformations are rare, congenital vascular tangle in the brain. The blood flows in a short circuit directly from the arteries into the veins without the usual vessels the interposition of the Capillary, explains eat the radiologist, Isabel Wanke from the University hospital. This will lead to a high blood pressure and blood flow in the veins, which can be expanded and burst. The result: bleeding within the brain, which can lead to coma or death.

Dauntes chances of survival according to the Doctors of 50:50. He is put into an artificial coma. With the help of a catheter treatment (“embolization”) should be switched off, the Vascular malformation. Snap back hat ball cap survives the treatment, after eight days, he will be dismissed, without consequential damages”, almost as if by a miracle,” citing Martinez, the Doctors.

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Then the second child ends up in intensive care

Nevertheless, the young mother put the fear. This could happen to their other children, is the disease genetic? It calls for a more thorough investigation of their children. The Doctors waving. AVMs are very rare, the probability that one of their other children was also affected, location in the case of 1:1,000,000. Martinez believes you.

However, only less than 18 months later, their three year old daughter Elliyana is awakened in the middle of the night from a severe headache. She throws up several times, finally losing consciousness. For Martinez, the same nightmare begins as a short time previously: A AVM burst in the brain of your child, the three year old is in a coma. How can that be, asks Martinez. More than ever, it is of the essence for answers to your questions.

The doctor solves the riddle – Martinez suffers from a rare genetic disease

A new doctor in the infirmary’ve finally can help, tells Martinez to the “Washington Post”. “He came to the bedside of our daughter, asked who would suffer under your nose bleed. I remember to have asked me, as he did not know, raised my Arm, and I said, “almost my whole life.” “Well, you are the reason for the bleeding in the brain of your children,” replied the doctor. “You have HHT.”

“HHT” stands for hereditary Hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) and is also known under the name of Morbus Osler or the Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome. Diseased vessel extensions in the area of the skin, the mucous membranes but also in the internal organs. HHT shows, for example, to the red points of the facial skin of the fingers and frequent nose bleeds.

One out of 5,000 people is affected, no cure

It becomes especially dangerous, when major organs are affected: “A vessel may cause short-circuit in the lung in the nature of a ticking time bomb: for a long time the Affected have no complaints, but through the lifting of the filter function of the lung clots and bacteria can lead to strokes or pus herds,” explains Urban spirit Hoff, a senior physician at the University hospital of Gießen and Marburg, to FOCUS Online. Also, the infection of the liver could have been due to the Overload of the heart or impairment of the bile ducts can have serious consequences. HHT “is one of the rare diseases of the vessels, however, in this group relatively often,” says the spirit of Hoff and associates: “It is assumed that at least one is affected by 5000 people.” One of the parents is diseased part, there is a probability of 50 percent that the child will suffer.

Bleeding from the nose begins in Childhood

In 90 percent of cases, the disease manifests itself already in Childhood by recurrent, strong nosebleed that occurs for no apparent reason. In severe cases, the nose can bleeding lead to anemia, seizures, and shortness of breath. A real cure. “So far, the only means is restricted against the nose bleed the patient. They range from an elaborate care of the nasal mucosa and Nasal tamponades about surgery for obliteration of the vessels in the nose to a permanent closure of the nose“, explains Kornelia Wirsching, senior physician at the clinic and polyclinic for ear, nose and throat medicine at the University hospital Regensburg.

Since the diagnosis, Martinez suffers from panic attacks

Zina Martinez is glad to finally know what you and your children are suffering. Also their daughter had survived the brain hemorrhage without further damage. On the other hand, she was “devastated” to be to blame for the suffering of their children. “Had I known that I have HHT, I would have never had children,” she says. Since then, she must experience had their children in the hospital to your life a struggle, suffer under anxiety and panic disorders.