Oatmeal protects from high blood pressure

The researchers assessed the oatmeal as an indispensable product for hypertensive patients, because its use protects the body from high blood pressure. This protective effect of oats in people with hypertension was confirmed during the experiment.

During the tests, the volunteers, suffering from high blood pressure drank 120 grams of oatmeal a day. It turned out that this simple method works well as a remedy for their problems – high blood pressure. After six weeks of eating oatmeal for 75% of the participants in the experiment for their high blood pressure was lower. Most of the pressure fell to 5 mm Hg, some volunteers – 15 mm.

“To protect against development of high blood pressure best weight loss, physical activity, control of salt intake and healthy sleep. We saw in the great benefits of oatmeal for hypertension,” said researchers.
Protects oatmeal and completeness. Journal of the American College of nutrition published the results of a study in which half of the participants at Breakfast, eat oatmeal, and the other half used different cereals. Each serving contain 363 calories, but those who ate the oatmeal, the longer fed, and so they have gone lighter weight.

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