Kettiya recognized as the best for weight loss

Experts from Harvard University (USA) found in the study that kettiya and similar diets (with the emphasis on protein and fat and limiting carbs) is most effective for weight loss, how to best encourage the body to burn more calories, this writes the journal BMJ. Scientists noted that people who stick to this diet, shed pounds in greater volume compared to the rest.

“People adhering to such diets, you lose about 9 pounds more than people who observe additional power modes”, – said, in particular, lead author Kara Ebeling.
The main element for Ketumile fats that comprise 75 % of the diet. Also actively consume proteins 20 %. Carbohydrates make up only 5 % of the total mass of the products. The main condition for cattily – complete elimination of sugar and any flour products. Thanks to these principles the weight loss is due to the loss of body fat and not muscle, as often happens with other diets. When Ketumile the brain and other organs of the body does not use glucose, but fatty acids and ketones as a primary energy source.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 200 people who ate preparing for their sets of food to suit different dietary regimes. It turned out that some of the volunteers were fed by the rules of cattily or her peers, and some by the rules of low-calorie food. The result was that the power on the principle of cattily”more fat – less carbs” is best for weight loss. Astiki who consumed either protein or fatty foods, on average, burned 200-300 calories than others. Accordingly, weight loss in these subjects was more intense.

They also found that the most effective in terms of weight loss kettiya was for those participants who had prediabetes – a condition in which there is no diabetes, but sugar level in the blood increased. These volunteers thanks to Ketumile burned on average 500 calories more.

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