Avocado and cottage cheese for dinner guaranteed weight loss

The use of avocado and cottage cheese for dinner almost guarantees you weight loss, experts say on the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine. This gastronomic Duo, according to their recommendations, intended to replace a main meal.

Avocado has an important place among fat-burning foods, especially important in the case of weight loss, experts say. In the composition of avocado contains natural amino acid L-carnitine, has the property to increase energy production in muscle cells and accelerate blood circulation. In addition, avocado is a lot of folic acid, magnesium and potassium, which have a beneficial effect on fat metabolism. In the end, this complex gives an effect of metabolic acceleration in the body increases metabolism and creates a weight loss.

Those who passionately dreams of becoming slimmer, the experts gave the following advice: replace your dinner for 2 avocados and 100 grams of cottage cheese. In their words “weight loss this is guaranteed”.

Note that a recent study, researchers from the University of Florida ended with the verdict of the experts that the cheese is an ideal product for use at night. It was found that cheese affects the body almost like a protein shake – its use contributes to weight loss by strengthening muscle mass.

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