Classical music helps insomnia

Listening to classical music improves sleep quality and helps to combat insomnia, experts found the British Academy of sound therapy. Their arguments about this published Medical Daily.

Saying that classical music improves the quality of sleep and helps insomnia, the scientific experts cited several benefits related to her audition. In particular, classical music reduces the level of pain and anxiety. This conclusion researchers made after the survey, which was attended by 600 people.

The influence of music on the body due to the fact that he responds to the vibration frequency of the tunes. Musical vibrations can reach deep tissues and to stimulate blood circulation in them, affect the bone structure. Doctors of Ancient China believed that music can cure any disease, just need to know which one fits for the impact on certain organs.

Brazilian scientists from the University of são Paulo, was able to establish that listening to classical music contributes to the stabilization of the level of adrenaline in the blood, slowing the heart rate and decrease blood pressure. Calming effect of classical music the researchers explain her ability to affect the vagus nerve, which is associated with the stabilization of pressure and heart rate.

Classical music helps to relax and sleep is an effective Lapham, experts say.

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