Low-carb diet helps keep the lost weight

Low-carb diets really work and are the best tool for thin people who wish to keep the results. To such conclusion researchers from the United States.

A considerable number of people stranded on the diet could lose weight, but many gain it again then. That’s why fans of the diet are so interested in preserving the results achieved. A new study by researchers from Boston children’s hospital showed that a low carbohydrate diet allows you to perform this task. It can help to increase the calories you burn. Researchers believe that consuming more salads and lean proteins people also have reduced levels of the hormone that increases appetite.

Previous studies have shown that as a weight loss we begin to burn fewer calories because the rate of metabolism in the body slows down. That is why it is so difficult to lose those last few pounds, and even harder to keep the results. Boston scientists have shown that a diet low in carbohydrates may help in securing success, she is also able to make obesity treatment more effective. These are the findings of the observations with the participation of 234 adults aged 18 to 65 years who have a body mass index exceeding 25.

Following a low carbohydrate diet, the participants burned approximately 250 calories more per day compared to those whose diet was rich in carbohydrates. The greatest performance in calorie burning occurred in people contributing the maximum insulin.It is known that the selection in the body of a large quantity of the hormone insulin causes a person to absorb more food and leads to weight gain. It turned out that the transition to a low-carb diet people who the body was made very powerfully to insulin, helping them burn 478 calories more a day. (READ MORE)