6 important products in the winter

In winter, the use of these products effectively helps to maintain healthy activity of the immune system, experts said. They advised to include in the diet are simple, but important for the health products.

Water. Many people in winter, water consumption is reduced. In vain! Water is important for circulation and cell renewal, besides a sufficient quantity of water one needs to drink to maintain an active metabolism and the timely elimination of toxins from the body, explained the researchers.

Med.This product is important as a natural source of antioxidants. Honey is an effective antiseptic, very useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa, for example, angina. In addition, the honey helps with fatigue, because it gives the body extra energy, which is not enough in winter.

Yogurt. Winter is one of the most useful products available. As a “living” product, yogurt contains lactic acid and bifidobacteria that inhibit the growth of pathogenic and putrefactive microorganisms. Kefir is important for the immune system: it improves the condition of the intestinal microflora with probiotics, which promotes the reduction of symptoms of communicable diseases.

Sauerkraut. Studies show that sauerkraut improves the state of intestinal microflora more effective than preparations containing beneficial bacteria. This product contains a lot of ascorbic acid, important for maintaining immunity. Sauerkraut provides the need for fortification of the organism, reduces cholesterol level in blood vessels.

Citrus. A distinctive feature of citrus is the ability to maintain an optimal level of vitamin C until the spring due to the dense impenetrable rind. In addition to vitamin C in all citrus fruits contain folic acid, necessary for normal functioning of the nervous and reproductive systems of the human body, and antioxidants bioflavonoids struggling in the body with inflammation, and potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and protects against hypertension.

Garlic.Another important product in the winter. Very useful for blood system: thanks to the garlic the blood becomes more liquid, which reduces the likelihood of blood clots. Studies have confirmed that garlic has many antibacterial properties, its component allicin is a natural antibiotic.

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