What is dangerous for the health food at night

According to scientific experts, the food at night could be a major factor in the development of different health problems. Scientists say that the most correct is the use of food in accordance with the natural daily rhythms that depend on light level.

In other words, there is a need to tightly in the period of greatest activity of the organism – in the light of the day, experts are convinced. This statement was made after the study, involving about 12 thousands of citizens of the United States, showed that almost a third of the total amount of food per day consumed by people in the evenings that stretch until laying in bed. This habit is very dangerous for health, scientists have warned. It turned out that all subjects for whom the food at night was very common in the morning was observed high blood pressure and high levels of sugar. These symptoms – typical pattern of pre-diabetes.

Doctors look at pre-diabetes as a “gray area” between normal and diabetes type 2 diabetes. Most people with prediabetes – patients who have this disease will develop is virtually guaranteed. Thus, eating at night can be dangerous in terms of risk of developing not only prediabetes, but diabetes.

In addition, the habit of eating late at night disrupts your health, increasing the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Also the food at night dangerous for the figure. Metabolism at this time is that the majority of calories eaten goes to fat stores.

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