Alberta NDP working on legislation to strengthen public health system

Premier Rachel Notley’s government is considering legislation to strengthen public health care when the house resumes sitting next week, sources tell The Canadian Press.

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman, speaking to reporters, wouldn’t confirm it will be Bill 1, but says she is working on legislation to strengthen the public health system.


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The bill could be introduced and debated or abandoned if Notley decides to drop the writ after Monday’s throne speech to launch a 28-day election campaign.

Notley’s NDP has already signalled that it wants to make health care a campaign wedge issue with Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives.

The NDP under Notley has funded growth in key areas like health care and education, at the cost of multibillion-dollar budget deficits, saying that slashing critical services during an economic downturn is cruel and economically counterproductive.

Kenney has promised that a United Conservative government would honour the tenets of universal, publicly-funded health care, but explore more private delivery options under the public umbrella if that would improve services and wait times.

Watch below: UCP leader Jason Kenney says if elected premier, he won’t cut the health-care budget, but he will look at ways to cut costs. That could mean more private delivery. (Filed Feb. 20, 2019). 

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