University of Manitoba students go homeless for five days to raise awareness

A group of University of Manitoba students are embarking on five days of homeless to help raise awareness for the issue.

“We built our shelter on Sunday (March 10) outside the University Centre at University of Manitoba,” said Shona Grewar, who is taking part.

“Since Sunday, we’ve been relying on donations from students and for family members to come and visit to bring some food and water,” she added.

The University of Manitoba students taking part are raising money for Resource Assistance for Youth.

“It’s been difficult, but in no way a direct simulation of what you actually experience when facing homelessness,”said Grewar.

“It’s been difficult, but uplifting to have all of the support from fellow students,” Grewar added.

She said it’s been an eye-opening experience.

“We’re stilling attending our classes. Myself and others have been talking about how it’s been difficult to concentrate and how you’re just living day-to-day.”

“For youth really experiencing this, it is hard to get back on their feet and it’s hard to think about other things other than getting through that days,” Grewar said.

Grewar has a quite a few takeaways from taking part.

“Sleeping outside is not ideal for sure. We’ve been struggling, getting somewhat used to it, but it’s really difficult.”

There are multiple ways for the public to reach out.

“You can drop by their set-up and see them. They love visitors and are very personable. You can donate in person with supplies like food and water for the students outside. You can also donate to the charity we’re raising money for, Resource Assistance for the Youth,” said co-organizer Trent Favoni-Grossart.

So far, the students have raised about $16,000 with a goal of reaching $20,000.

For more information of the students and their goal you can click here.

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