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He is currently one of the best goalkeepers in the world: Marc-André ter Stegen. After his time as a regular goalkeeper for Borussia Mönchengladbach, he joined in 2014 to Spain, and stands for FC Barcelona in the gate. A Job that not only incredible mental, but also physical Fitness to the highest level requires. However, as a football coached webs-professional, such as ter? What are the Exercises he sets and what muscle groups he trained specifically?

The “Football Fit” Training Journey of Marc-André ter Stegen

Together with the experts of the Body & Mind Coaching App Freeletics is the "Football Fit" Training Journey emerged. In this personal training program of the professional shows-goalkeeper in on what fitness exercises he uses, in order to be perfectly in Shape. “I was never a Fan of lifting in a gym with Weights, but training-oriented rather goal and funktionell", ter Stegen says. "The most important attributes of a goalkeeper, a maximum of strength, speed, power and flexibility. I focus, therefore, reinforced the fact, for example, with Jumps and short Sprints."

The HIIT training plan from ter Stegen is based exactly on Exercises that reinforce these qualities, such as speed-strength, and flexibility. It is sufcient to work with your own body weight. The Freeletics App adapts the Training Journey then individually to the respective Fitness levels of the athletes.

Work-out with Marc-André ter Stegen


Fit with the favorite exercises of Marc-André ter Stegen

Exercise #1: High Knees

This fast, precise movement sequence increases both the muscle endurance, as well as the stability of the thigh. Also, stretch the muscles around the hip, including the gluteal muscles, resulting in a larger radius of movement and a more efficient stride technique.

Instructions: For High Knees stand up straight and alternately the knee to above the hip pull. The poor against the same take-away.

Exercise #2: Twist

This Exercise focuses on the lateral and lower abdominal muscles. In the case of the rotating movement of the upper body, the lateral abdominal muscles are stretched and moved in together.

Instructions: sitting On the floor raise the legs at a 45-degree angle, so that only the buttocks touching the ground. The legs are not touching and the arms are stretched forward. The torso is leaning so far to the rear that the rectus abdominis muscles are activated. Now, the torso turns so far to the left as possible, hold briefly, then to the right.

Exercise #3: Jumps

Jumps are a very explosive Exercise. In this case you need a good stamina and strong leg and calf muscles.

Instructions: A repetition is complete when both the knee when jumping up to the height of the hip high drawn. At each jump, it is important to be as gentle as possible, and at the same time controlled to land on the ground.

Exercise #4: Side Planks

Planks are the most well-known abdominal exercise machine for Sit-ups and claim the muscles of the legs, shoulder and abdomen. In one of the Side Planks focuses on the stabilization of the lateral abdominal muscles. Bring about it supports the body at only two points.

Instructions: You will be based initially with the right Hand or to the forearm and the feet or knees down. The whole body is in a straight line. With different variations like the Side Plank Crunch or Twist, it calls for the lateral abdominal muscles a little more. In addition to the abdominal muscles, the Exercise also focuses on strengthening the shoulder.

Exercise #5: Cossack Squats

Cossack Squats require good flexibility and mobility in the hip and the ankle.

Instructions: In the initial position the body is straight and the feet are more than shoulder-width. The arms are stretched forward. The body weight you misplaced to one side (to the right) and goes with the buttocks as far down to the hip below the knee. The upper body remains straight. The other leg (left) is stretched. Then the Whole on the other side. A repetition is completed when it is back in the starting position and hip and legs are straight. (More Fitness Exercises for at home, you can find here)

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