Skin parasites: scabies to detect and treat

More and more frequently Doctors patients with scabies see also known as scabies, in their practice. How the skin disease manifests and how to get rid of the pesky parasites is again explained by the dermatologist Professor Dr. Helmut Schöfer from the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main on the pharmacist-training Congress Pharmacon Schladming, Austria.

Scabies medical scabies, is a skin disease caused by mites. These are transmitted by close body contact. With a size of only a maximum of 0.5 mm, the Mini are detect parasites with the naked eye hardly. The females dig a tunnel-like passageways in the top layer of skin. Infestation is manifested by severe itching, a reaction to the feces and eggs of the mites, eczema-like skin changes, as well as small nodules or pustules. "Scabies will be able to diagnose Doctors, by isolating, for example, mites in the duct systems, or with a Dermatoscope gears in the skin nachweisen", Schöfer explained.

Medicine must be applied several times

For the treatment of Permethrin is considered to be the medium of choice, an insecticide which also acts against mites. The patient should apply a Permethrin cream 5 percent concentration only once and for eight to twelve hours to take effect. "What is new is that we today, for a repetition of the therapy after seven to 14 days sind", so the dermatologist.

Permethrin is not, attacks must be dodged in other ways. That could always be more often the case, the fear of some Doctors. "Many colleagues report that Permethrin wird&quot increasingly ineffective;, Schöfer said. That a therapy is not successful, should not, however, mean necessarily that there is a resistance to the drug is present. Debt can also be errors in the application. "For example, that under the nails is not wird&quot treated;, so the dermatologist. "If you scratch yourself, get mites under the nails, and if there is not treated, then it continues."

Also a too short exposure time or the knock out or Forget certain parts of the body can lead to the fact that the therapy attacks. To can be a new infection, moreover, if the environment was not treated completely, in close contact with people, about not recognized or not adequately treated. The question of whether in fact resistance against Permethrin for treatment failure are responsible, can therefore not be answered precisely.


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