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Deep breath in and out and fresh air in the lungs – this process is normally completely automatic.

Often the Breathing is perceived, therefore, as a matter of course, its necessity becomes clear when the air get suddenly difficult.

Playing sports, working in the garden, during a procession or for other activities that the body is used to, it may be that it is quite out of breath.

If you are struggling, however, in the case of smaller activities to air, you should leave this check – shortness of breath with climbing stairs, a possible alarm can be rising signal.

What lies behind shortness of breath?

The medical term for shortness of breath is dyspnea – in this case, you can feel most of the time a strong tension in the chest and also has the feeling to need more air or suffocate even.

In response, one begins increasingly to breathe, and the breathing rate increases. At the beginning of the breaths are usually deep – the faster you breathe, the shallower the breath trains and shortness of breath.

Although it does normally without thinking about it, Breathing is a rather complex process of gas exchange in the lung is essential for survival, because the body needs oxygen for most of the metabolic processes in the cells.

There are many reasons why you suffer from these respiratory ailments – some of them are more harmless than others.

Shortness of breath not ignore

Shortness of breath should be taken in each case, to the knowledge of – but it must not always be a serious Problem behind it.

Sometimes the shortness of breath can stir quite simply, therefore, that the body must do something, what he is accustomed to.

If you live for example in an apartment on the ground floor and stairs is not regularly used, it is not uncommon that you will feel exhausted and just take a deep air to get, when you arrived at the top.

Dr. Sadia Benzaquen, pulmonary physician and Professor of Internal medicine at the Cincinnati College of Medicine, explained to the Online magazine ‘Self’: “In General, it may come at a deconditioning shortness of breath when you climb stairs.”

If it has been a while in the case of movements with low-intensity out of breath and the last visit to the gym may already be here, can bring regular Training is often a speedy recovery.

Normal activities should not lead to shortness of breath

If you train on a regular basis and notes that the familiar stairs rise quickly resulting in shortness of breath, is this a cause for concern.

Emily Pennington, a lung doctor at the Cleveland Clinic explains: “It is normal, if you notice that something that has brought never out of breath, is preparing to suddenly problems.”

Even if it is for less-intensive activities that, for example, in the shower, out of breath, this should be clarified.

“As a healthy adult, you should have a normal activity, no breathing difficulties,” said Dr. Benzaquen.

There are a number of health problems, such as pneumonia, a pulmonary embolism or even a heart attack, which can cause serious respiratory problems – so it is always recommended in case of persistent shortness of breath see a doctor.

Important note: The information in this article contains only General information. For the diagnosis of a health problem we recommend visiting by trained and recognised Physicians.

Antonia Hagedorn

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