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Lose weight and simultaneously build muscle – does it work? The American fitness trainer Tamara Pridgett is convinced that both of these training goals to reconcile.

In front of the Porta lPopsugar the expert, with which simple strategy to burning fat and building muscle promotes reveals – and thereby excess pounds to lose.

Slimming: This power-on exercises recommends that an expert

In order to lose weight fast and effectively, recommends Pridgett full-body strength training. Complex Exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts and Push-ups are ideal to build muscles and the fat-burning boost, as they target multiple muscle groups at the same time.

For the execution of the body has to expend more energy – and the higher the amount of energy burned, the more calories.

The expert, one should hold the first in a Plan of the week on which days to train. Two to three strength training sessions per week should be to lose weight.

Who already has experience with strength training, you can schedule three to four weekly training sessions. You do not want to miss out on relaxation workouts like Yoga, or endurance training, you should distribute this to the remaining days.

According to Pridgett, you should run at least three to five sets each with 12 to 15 repetitions, to train in the so-called hypertrophic area. In this Phase, you reach the maximum muscle growth.

But also the choice of the weight influenced the training success. 80 percent of the maximum weight that creates a repeat, is ideal.

Diet also plays a role

Important for a sustainable decrease in the Regeneration of the muscles is also. During a minimum 24-hour break between training days can relax the body and muscles grow faster.

Muscle building can also assist with an adjusted diet. The own food plan should consist of about 55 percent from carbohydrates (e.g. wholemeal bread, potatoes, rice), 25 percent from proteins (e.g., meat, eggs, legumes) and the remaining 20 percent healthy fats (nuts, Oils).

Through the combination of strength training – consisting of complex Exercises and a healthy diet, you can lose the trainer, according to, within four weeks, around two to four pounds.

It is important to note, however, that muscles weigh more than fat. Therefore, it is quite possible that you look slimmer, but more weight on the scale.

Therefore, should the number not to unsettle, but instead on the own body feeling pay attention.

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