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1. Off to the doctor

On 4. February is world cancer day. You think: This is only for the older term? No – this theme is all.

What time is the last Time you were at the cancer prevention? Do this month to make an appointment for a Check-up with your family doctor or your gynecologist.

2. Be grateful

Your body promotes physical and emotional well-being, and zero is dependent on the Material: easy to often be grateful!

To write this month, each Morning three things you are grateful for – the best friend, the daily milk foam in your coffee or your health.

This helps to be the small and inconspicuous things in life again. Perfect companion for it: “The 6-minute diary” by Dominik Spenst (Rowohlt).

3. “Just swim, swim, swim, swim”

Your good intentions are in February still fresh and present – now is the perfect time to establish new habits. So from now on, Once a week before work for a swim.

If you should lack the Motivation, you can help a training partner. To the best of your fixed training set, so that excuses have no Chance.

4. Live culture instead of Binge-Watching

Museums are boring, Netflix is much more interesting? Especially in the Winter, an average Sunday looks likely for many of the same.

Culture does not have to be boring: Poetry Slams, improvisation theatre are perfect to spend with friends a great night out.

5. Zero Waste

You do not need to make the world a better place, but you can make a contribution.

Buy this month to make more time in a Zero-Waste-a Load, use a jute bag or a Lunchbox, bring a reusable Coffee-to-go-Cup – for a small contribution to waste prevention can make a Big difference.

Editorial FIT FOR FUN

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