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For this full-body dumbbell workout from Whitney Simmons, you need a soft pad, a little space and two light – to-medium weight dumbbells and something to drink – that’s all it takes for an effective Full-Body Workout.

Because for this workout, the Fitness has created-Influencerin complex motion sequences.

An Exercise alone already speaks multiple muscle groups and the more muscles are trained, the more calories you will burn you.

5 challenging Exercises for the whole body

The Exercises are always performed for a Minute each in length and follow without Pause directly to each other.

A passage takes only five minutes. Who wants to ask out in the next, can come the set of three to four times in order to properly sweat.

Sounds good? Then why don’t you put the same!

1. Exercise: Split Squat to Press

For the first Exercise you legs on your Mat, and go into the Split Squat. For this purpose, you turn to a page, a knee goes to the ground.

The barbell you’re holding it with your Arm stretched above the head and bring it also in the direction of the ground while you go in the squat. The other arms helps to keep the Balance.

Go down slowly and hit you with explosive force in the state, the weight upward.

2. Exercise: Sumo Deadlift

For the Sumo Deadlift you stand again, legs apart with a Dumbbell in the Hand. Bow to you now, with your back straight and place the dumbbells your feet in a controlled manner, between.

Here, the legs are bent only slightly, because the force for the movement you bring the upper body and the Weights back to the top, comes from the lower back, the buttocks and the posterior thigh muscles.

By pressures of the hip in the upright posture is a little forward, in order to reach the full extension. The back always remains straight and the eyes go towards the ground to tense up in the neck.

3. Exercise: Bicep Curl to Press

Go for the Bicep Curl to Press in a sitting Position. The Weights do you think I loose next to the body and pull it then with the force from the biceps to the chest.

From here it goes directly into the Overhead Press. Press the Dumbbells up into the full extension of the arms over the head.

Then you perform the movement slowly backward and forward.

4. Exercise: Tricep Push-Up to 4 Oblique

For the next Exercise, Simmons combines a Push Up with a Variation of the Mountain Climbers. You can – for a little more room for movement resting on the dumbbells and the Push-Up go.

Do the movement slow and controlled, elbows way to go if possible to the rear, not the sides.

Stay after the Push Up in the Plank Position and pull each twice per side of the knee to the diagonally opposite elbow. This is the lateral abdominal muscles, the Obliques training.

5. Exercise: Superman to Push-Up

Also for the last Exercise, you stay in the prone position on the ground. A dumbbell you are holding with outstretched arms above the head. Arms and legs then go to ceiling as much as possible, so that only the body rests at the middle of the floor.

At the top you can take a Moment of the excitement. Put the barbell and the legs again and go into a Push-Up Variation.

Way press you for this, with the arms from the ground and sliding the torso towards the thigh. The knees are bent and the body is a upside down V.

Then it goes from the so-called Pushback back in the prone position on the ground and the movement is repeated.

Kimberly Papenthin

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