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In the light of the Corona-crisis consumer has come to expect with high prices for fruit and vegetables.

Despite the easing of everyday restrictions, the situation on the food market according to the experts, but uncertain.

“It was not eaten less,” said the Secretary-General of the farmers Association, Bernhard Krüsken, on Thursday in Berlin. Would have changed but the sales channels – with a failure of the gastronomy and the strong growth in the retail sector.

Canned food must be used up

Inflation in fresh foods stay in June, said Hans-Christoph Behr of the agricultural market information company. Drivers would continue to be a fruit, pig meat and meat products, vegetables, and to a lesser extent.

So in June, according to previous data, the fresh fruit was around 20 percent higher than in the same month last year.

On the other hand, the value-added tax of seven falls from July to five per cent. The background of price increases, additional health protection for seasonal workers from abroad.

Probably the harvest costs remained at vegetables throughout the summer at a higher level than before.

In a private house, should be first used up nonperishable food such as canned food, which could push the sales of the super markets is something to be hold. After the week-long closure of Restaurants and canteens in the Opening over part hesitant. Due to Corona-pads, the not worthwhile at all for any operation.

The foreseeable economic downturn with short-time working and unemployment will the damage out-of-home consumption of safe, explained Behr.

More than 40,000 seasonal workers in Germany

With the special scheme for agriculture due to the Corona-crisis in the spring, a total of 40,300 seasonal workers from abroad came to Germany. The farmers ‘ Association informed according to data from the Federal police. Thus, the possible allocation of up to 80,000 foreign, seasonal workers to half, has been exhausted.

2.300 farms had signed up to Enter. Bauer, President Joachim Rukwied said the special scheme was due to the closed borders is extremely important for the businesses to have been. The only way you could have the population with domestic food supply.

In the face of imminent shortages, the Federal government had allowed the limited entry of seasonal workers, only by plane. This was coupled with strict requirements for health and safety. The special scheme for April and may was extended once and expired on last Monday.

Since Tuesday harvest workers from the EU can enter the country-countries, even back to the land, and “without the previous restrictions”, as a concept of the Federal Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) sets. The rules still apply with a Corona-protection requirements up to the end of the year.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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