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Tampons are rarely contaminants or other defects. The same applies for menstrual cups – the reusable Alternative to the Tampon and binder.

The magazine ‘Öko-Test’ (output 4/2020) has found in a study of 23 Tampons and 20 menstrual cups out.

The weaknesses of the products, especially in the Details: In the case of a Tampon of the return thread breakage, for example, to quickly, another was a little too soft.

And some menstrual cups important instructions on the packaging, for example, to the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is missing.

The menstrual Cup less often than Tampons, but it can still happen. A warning is therefore a duty of the Tester.

Most of the Tampons, and Cups are “very good”

Pollutants found hardly: A menstrual Cup, therefore, in the overall judgment, only a “Adequate”, three more cups are no better than “satisfactory”.

All other test candidates are either “good” or – in most cases – even “very good”.

Buyers can be guided, therefore, confidently on the price: Very good Tampons evaluated in the supermarket or drugstore at a converted price of 3 cents.

The menstrual cups with the best stars are already for just under 10 euros – and thus the clearly more favourable Alternative: Who maintains the cups properly and clean, can use the information after some years.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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