Prostate Check: This happens in the investigation that many men fear

Men precautionary muffle and especially the prostate-Check to avoid a lot of. Here, the different studies in the framework of this prevention measure, small tumors reveal and, not least, the rectum cancer. FOCUS Online spoke with an expert.

To the urologist to let go and about the rectum the prostate gland palpation, deters probably a lot of men. Only about 15 percent use these possibility of cancer prevention. In comparison, more than twice as many women to go for regular cancer screening, even though mammography is painful.

“Men do not seek, in principle, like the doctor, but operate rather repair medicine”, Andres Jan Schrader, Director of the clinic for urology at the University hospital of Münster. Only if significant symptoms, consider a doctor’s appointment. Then at the prostate Check, the rectum is sampled, in this generally negative attitude, in addition to the weight.

Anyone who needs to frequently go to the toilet, you should let the doctor check

The prostate Check-up consists of several Parts:

  • History
  • Palpation
  • PSA level measurement
  • if necessary, ultrasonic

In the context of the case history, the doctor asks after typical complaints such as frequent urination and bladder emptying disorders, as well as problems in ejaculation. “First of all, problems the water is an indication that something is not right with the prostate, the urethra passes through the prostate are”, explains the urologist. The gland is enlarged, narrows the prostatic urethra and the urinary flow.

Also, whether father, brother, or grandfather with prostate cancer, is addressed in the context of the medical history. Because stress in the family the risk for prostate cancer is greater.

Palpation takes hardly a Minute

After the detailed interview, the actual examination begins. At the beginning of the Scanning of the rectum. The physician introduces the index finger a few centimeters above the rectum to the prostate, and what does not hurt in General.

In the normal case, the chestnut-sized gland located below the urinary bladder directly in front of the rectum and this makes it easy to reach. With the help of palpation we can see how big the prostate is and whether there is hardening.

The probe study is a first orientation. In addition, it is straightforward, quick and therefore without alternative. Ultrasound is an additional Option, but this investigation is only recommended if further clarification is needed. “Prostate cancer is the digital examination, however, only in the advanced stage identify,” explains Andres Jan Schrader the possibilities and limits of a rectal examination.

First investigation, then PSA probe-value measure

Nevertheless, the palpation is useful because the doctor can estimate the size of the prostate gland, which, in turn, is important to the results of the second investigation in the right perspective: the measurement of The PSA value on a blood sample. PSA stands for prostate-specific Antigen, a protein that makes the prostate. “In a larger prostate, this value is somewhat higher, in the case of a smaller lower”, explains the Professor. Is the PSA-value is significantly high, it is a note that the prostate might be something wrong. Evidence for cancer was not.

PSA Test criticism

The PSA Test will be discussed by experts, therefore, violently, and its Use in a number of studies examined, also, because it is the smallest and harmless tumors are discovered, which need not be treated in older men often (keyword Überdiagnostik and.).

“Especially in younger patients, the PSA Test is important because it gives an early indication of small tumors, which can grow over the years”, the urologist and stated: “The risk for prostate cancer is significantly increased if, for example, a 45-Year-old eye-catching PSA-values.”

The health insurance companies pay around 15 Euro for the blood test by the way, only if the PSA Test will be used in the context of a cancer disease during follow-up.

Final clarity only by biopsy

However, the PSA Test should not be used alone for the diagnosis, stresses, Andres Jan Schrader. The PSA value is high, bring an ultrasound examination through the rectum for further clarity. The prostate cancer is suspected, then the expert recommends a MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging). Thus, the Situation of the gland can also be used on the page, which is remote from the intestine.

A biopsy is then removed from targeted tissue from a suspicious area. It is only when this sample was studied in the laboratory, whether it is prostate cancer or benign changes in the prostate.

The prostate examination is recommended for all men over the age of 45. Prostate cancer, with more than 60,000 new cases per year the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in men in Germany, the Robert Koch Institute warns.

Experts recommend a prostate Check every man aged 45 years, in the case of complaints or stress in the family, of course, earlier. Every man should be the value to use in this area in the screening, which is time-consuming. It reveals the cancer at an early stage and not least of all, benign, untreated, prostate problems can interfere with the ability to have an erection. The prostate Check is, therefore, doubly important.

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