Common Tatrausch: What goes on in the heads of a group of rapists

A terrible case, made in October for horror: In Freiburg, a 18 is said to have been raped-Year-old multiple offenders. What moves men to join together, to share a victim””?

In Freiburg, you should be 18 been raped-Year-old in mid-October by several men. The young woman had been mixed up in a nightclub a substance into the drink to make them docile. Then a man in a nearby Bush fell according to the woman about it. Thereafter, should have also passed its companion to her.

Only a few days later, a similar earth-shaking event it was announced, this time in Munich. Also there is a 15 to be become a-Year-old, according to its own statements, the victim of several men. However, it does not seem to be a group rape. The mind has a year, if your information on several different days, each with a man in an apartment raped. Five men were then in custody. One of them is the Ex-boyfriend of the girl.

Sexual offences, in which several men attack women, deal with the police and the Prosecutor’s office in Germany according to Police crime statistics for years, always a similar level. So the authorities determined in 2017, against 467 suspected to have been involved in group rapes. More than a third of them are young people or Adolescents under the age of 21, usually a male.

Risk-taking in groups of higher

What is a group of men driving to pass at a woman? Experts see in the case of a group rape, such as in the case of the 18-Year-old from Freiburg, a dangerous combination of sexuality, power, demonstration, and group dynamics at work. There is a leader, infect others, who were too cowardly to intervene, and an accomplice, who want to enhance their Position in the group, explained the criminal psychologist Rudolf Egg.

The willingness of border crossings increases in groups. We know from studies that youth risk-taking in groups is higher, says Thomas Bliesener by the criminological research Institute in lower Saxony.

Similar to a psychotherapist, Christian Lüdke: the larger the group sees it, the less likely it is that one says stop. The individual get the feel, the deeds of the others are worse, or he was waiting in vain for the Intervention of the other. Instead, the common Tatrausch increase more and more. It may even be that – typical male – a Competition developed, in which each of the hardest wants to be.

Sexual satisfaction is not the main reason a group rape

The desire for sexual gratification is in the case of a group rape, only one reason of many, he is a psychologist Miranda Horvath of Middlesex University London. A greater role in the control of other people’s games – both in the case of rape by multiple perpetrators. Horvath was detained in 2013 together with Jessica Woodhams the current state of research in the Handbook for the study of multiple rapes by offenders.

That a gang rape takes place in the context of violence rather than of passion, also underline the British researcher Sarah Hauffe and Louise Porter. In the case of a rape by a single offender of this is driven rather by personal sexual urge than by social pressure. In the case of a group rape, the opposite might be the case.

Hauffe and Porter had rape, 60 cases of group and 60 single-offences investigated. A group rape is primarily marked by camaraderie and an Element of excitement. Perpetrators are looking for the special Kick, the adventure.

If the perpetrator of the rape movies

Moreover, in some cases, the attraction of a wide audience to splurge – for example, if the offender filmed scenes of violence on the Internet, as in a case from Velbert (North Rhine-Westphalia). There was a girl attacked on her way home through the forest of at least eight young people. You should repeatedly be victims of serious sexual become offences – recorded in a cell phone video.

Through movies, one can also extend the Tatrausch, if you look at the fact later, says psychotherapist Lüdke.

Modern mobile phones and the Internet, facilitate the Tatgelegenheit, create but emphasizes the Egg. Sex offenders would often record their deeds, to photograph, to hold, even if you are exposed to the risk to be transferred. The camera runs and from similar motives, as we do in the holiday photos: The perpetrators they want to see, after the fact, you show others and brag about, says Egg. It can also be a special humiliation of the victim. Movies I rape, I expose the woman of the threat that others get this humiliation to see that the terrible Events so ends.