Virologist Christian Drosten: I would order a draft beer more

Schools are cancelled, closed, borders closed, events: Europe seal off itself. Reason for this is the increasing numbers of cases Infected with Coronavirus are. The measures seem radical, but it is effective to contain the Virus. “I think it’s good, on what course Germany pivots,” says Christian Drosten, chief virologist of the Charité Berlin in the current issue of his Podcasts, “The Coronavirus-Update”.

He is aware that the school closing will have an impact on the working population, the economy, and essential structures such as hospitals. However, these measures provide stakeholders valuable time. “I think there will be more time to Think, a couple of days rest and a few days takes a bit of the opportunity to meet without the pressure of decisions – and this time we have also. It is better, if the policy has made the middle to end of next week to make an informed decision, which is adapted to the local circumstances.” Drosten also advises to look to stop “abroad”, but to look more to Germany, and, as here, can be traded.


Pre-existing conditions as a risk: What is the role of Asthma or cancer in Coronavirus play

Now, where the Virus is also widespread in Germany, it was time that everyone think about their personal behaviour, explains the scientist more. “We don’t have to include but from today to tomorrow. There is a certain normal life must take place.” With a few precautions, you can reduce the infection and spread of risk, however. In his Podcast he talks about several of the issues which concern wide sections of the population at the weekend. About …

… Bars and Restaurants:

So, you should consider whether you need to meet up with friends, really in the pub, where you have to come over one Evening with several Hundred people in contact, or whether it is not rather in the own four walls Dating. That is, setting the social contacts completely, including Drosten holds nothing: “The probability that someone from the circle of friends is infected, at the Moment is still very, very low.”

If you still want to go to pubs, Bars or Restaurants, for the Drosten has a very pragmatic tip: “If I go in a bar, I order beer from the bottle, for many years. Because the beer glasses are, as we all know, time in the water, but how much detergent is in there, you will want to not-so-carefully behind the questions. This way will be transferred with security of the Virus.” His advice: “No beer.”

… Cultural events:

Whether it is cultural events, visits – where these take place – would also have to decide for ourselves. Of course, you should avoid large gatherings of people if possible, but the social life on the other hand must also go further. “We don’t have density in Germany as an Infection, to assume that behind every corner a Infected, which actually has a fever, but still in the Public drags. So it is not.”

… Children’s events:

The youth sports tournament or in football training several Hundred children can be gathered in one place, even the adults. “You should discuss with the Association, how to deal with it. You can not only expect from the authorities and the policy that is said, what events are cancelled.”

… Meeting in closed rooms:

“This Virus is not a Virus, it goes with the flow diseases runny nose. It sits rather in the neck and is coughing in the later Phase. By contrast, Outdoor exercise helps the best.” Therefore, it is a very good idea to go now, out into the open and do not have to sit in the pub or in the Restaurant, takes Drosten. Because of these corona viruses are only for a very short time – a few minutes in the air and then fall to the ground. Who has the choice should go to the fresh air.

… the shopping for the week:

The weekend means lots of families shopping. However, you should remain in view of-metre-long snakes prefer to be at home and on the net to order? “No, I order my food from the delivery service, and clog my streets. Of course, you can go now to the supermarket shopping, and it is complete nonsense, with something non-stock that is perishable. The camps are full. And there is absolutely no ban on food deliveries. There is no reason to make this hamster purchases.”

Drosten also talks about who is actually at-risk group at Covid-19, the lung disease caused by the Coronavirus. Usually it is only people with pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes or Asthma. An often under-appreciated component of the circulatory system. “Who is sporty and trained, the heart and circulatory disorders will join in a few days. Who rise but already at the stairs out of breath, for the the is more difficult. This can also apply to 40-Year-old.”

Source: Podcast “Coronavirus-Update” by Christian Drosten at NDR Info”

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