Number of deaths due to lung disease rises to nine – the first case in the United States

The new lung disease in China are like three other people to the victim. A total of nine deaths have been proven, therefore, now, as China’s state Council reported on Wednesday. The number of known infections with the Coronavirus has increased compared to the previous day by more than 100 to 440 cases.

With the current travel boom to the Chinese new year festival next Saturday, the risk of Transmission of the Virus to grow. At the largest annual migration, several Hundred million Chinese are on the move. Health experts have warned of a particularly infectious patients, which could spread the Virus faster. Cases of the so-called “Super-Spreader” had taken place in China during the Sars pandemic, the had fallen in 2002/2003, around 800 people were killed.

Corona viruses can be harmless but also dangerous

In the case of people in China, the new disease has become a ubiquitous theme. Memories of the Sars outbreak were awakened. During the pandemic, the country had virtually come to a standstill, schools were over weeks closed.

In Beijing, an unusually high number of people with masks were on Tuesday and Wednesday on the road. In some shops, the masks were sold out already. Families discussed whether the planned travel over the holidays should be cancelled.

A virologist on Coronavirus

"Scenarios with Thousands of dead in Germany, I think, is überzogen"

Analysis of the genome of the emerging diseases have resulted in the Berlin-based virus researcher Christian Drosten, according to that it is a Sars Virus variant. “It’s the same Virus, just in a different variant,” – said the Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin. Differences there are, especially in the case of the proteins with which the Virus docking to human cells. Sars virus belong to the coronavirus, the cause is often harmless illnesses like colds. However, also pathogens of dangerous respiratory diseases such as Mers belong.

The first infections of the new disease at the end of December in China may be associated with a now-closed fish market in the Central Chinese city of Wuhan, in connection, on the also the wild animals were sold. Meanwhile, the Virus spread to large parts of China and abroad.

The Thai authorities confirmed two more cases of lung disease. This is a Thai woman who returned from a trip from the Chinese city of Wuhan back. The other Patient is, therefore, a Chinese who came Sunday to Thailand. In the Southeast Asian country four proven cases.

The first case in the United States

In the U.S., was detected on Tuesday, a first case of new pulmonary disease. It was a man who, after a trip to the Chinese city of Wuhan on 15 may. January was returned to the West coast metropolis of Seattle, informed the US health authority CDC on Tuesday (local time). The disease had previously been detected in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

The man in his 30s’ve noticed the return trip, still no symptoms, but on examination at the hospital issued, it said. His condition was good. There is a very low risk that he could infect more people there. The authorities had a list of people with whom the man had contact.

Experts had previously explained that a few of the Introductions of the new lung disease would also to Europe more and more likely. The world health organization (WHO) has convened because of the lung disease your emergency Committee. The expert should be advised on Wednesday. The EU Commission also plans to assess the risks posed by the new lung illness, a Meeting. According to a spokesman for the health security Committee on Thursday to come together.

To protect against the lung disease, the neighboring North Korea lock, according to tour agencies for the time being its borders to foreign tourists. North Korea leave from Wednesday to no more tourists enter the country, informed the China-based agencies, Young Pioneer Tours and Koryo Tours on their websites. Of North Korea, there was initially no official confirmation. So far, nothing has become of one introduced case of the pulmonary disease known.

North Korea had made in the past several times out of fear of the spread of virus diseases, such as in the case of the Sars Virus in 2003, or against, Ebola 2014, temporarily, his borders closed.

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