The shadow side of the sun vitamin: Ökotest discourages the use of these Vitamin D preparations

Vitamin D is experiencing a real Hype. The substance is marketed as “the sun vitamin” and for example in the juices mixed. In fact, Vitamin D performs important functions in the body: It is essential for the immune system and helps calcium from the diet. This is important for healthy bones. A deficiency in children can lead to bone deformations, the so-called rickets. In adults, the risk of osteoporosis increases in the elderly for bone fractures. Since a Long time it is discussed, whether there is a deficiency favors other diseases, such as cancer, Diabetes and Multiple sclerosis. Is not proven.

The sun vitamin, but it also has a shadow side: Not Vitamin D should be taken in large amounts, carelessly. Who swallows permanently to high doses, endangered his health. Nausea, kidney damage, and a high level of calcium in the blood can result. It is unclear whether Vitamin D supplements have Benefits for healthy people. In General, the body can make the Vitamin in sufficient quantities and using the sun light in the summer. For the Winter, the body makes and stores the nutrient in the fatty tissues and the muscles. Of these reserves, he feeds then in the dark time of the year.

Only for babies, and certain at-risk groups, such as older people, the intake of Vitamin D is sensible. Small children should not stand in the direct sun, and also on mother’s milk, the demand does not fully cover.

Dietary Supplement with Vitamin D flopping

At the Start of the cold Season Ökotest” 21 Vitamin D supplements has taken “a closer look at, including five over-the-counter medicines, and 16 supplements. The latter is to buy in drugstores and supermarkets. The Result? Due to grow. While all medicines are recommended, the dietary Supplement significantly worse: Six received a “Satisfactory”, ten medium to fall through completely. You get the test scores “Poor” or “Unsatisfactory”.

The main point of criticism of the Tester: in Purely legal terms include a dietary Supplement to the food and are not intended to correct a medically diagnosed deficiency, or to treat diseases. However, the use in healthy people is controversial, the Use of the preparations according to the “Ökotest” not assigned. All the food will get supplements point deduction.

Eight dietary supplements contain increased, in the view of the “Ökotest” or greatly increased Vitamin D levels. The Tester, based on the recommendation of the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR): Therefore, the daily dose should not exceed in the case of food supplements more than 20 micrograms of Vitamin D. That is equivalent to 800 International units (IU). This is the unit in which Vitamin D levels are usually stated.

Four supplements to exceed the maximum amount of 25 micrograms per daily dose. Four other products even contain significantly more Vitamin D. Particularly the preparations of a double heart, and Tetesept, each with a 42.5 micrograms metered. The trial judgment was, therefore, as in the case of four products: “Unsatisfactory”.

The green light in the Tester, however, for the five Vitamin D-drug in the Test: their Use proves, writes “Ökotest”. The means for the prevention of Vitamin D deficiency diseases and to support the treatment of osteoporosis. The four “very good” drugs come from the manufacturers of “Mibe”, “Merck”, “head” and “Hexal”.

Vitamin D deficiency prevention, of course – so it goes

The Vitamin D3 tablets Hevert cut because of a Declaration in the absence of something bad. On the back of the leaflet is disease a link between Vitamin D and cancer, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease and Diabetes, pointed out. Here, the connection is not assigned”,” says “Ökotest”. The test verdict is therefore “good”.

Basically, the Tester, Vitamin D preparations, rates of take up in consultation with the doctor and under medical control. He who fears to suffer from a lack of, can make its Vitamin D levels to determine and the values in the connection discuss with the doctor. This assessed whether the ingestion of preparations is useful.

A possible defect can be also in a natural way prevent: Vitamin D is in few foods. Fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel bring it up to acceptable values, also Butter, egg yolk, liver and mushrooms contain Vitamin D. in Addition, Ecology recommends “,” sun face and arms regularly without sunscreen for 5 to 25 minutes. But never longer than the self-protection time of the skin.

The full Test with all the test results, there is a fee here.

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