Strain of depression for partners and family members are

A person suffering from Depression is not just for the Affected and a great burden – but also for the environment such as partners and family. This is the second “Germany-a Barometer of Depression”. The representative survey was carried out on behalf of the Foundation German depression aid, and the Deutsche Bahn Foundation. For the study, 5,000 people between the ages of 18 and 69 years were surveyed online.

A essence of the disease is, therefore, Affected withdraw from social relationships. According to the Depression the Barometer is at 84 percent of Patients. Members may understand this behavior as a rejection miss, which could have a separation. Half of the Patients report in the survey of the impact on the partnership. Of these, 45 percent say that it is because of the Depression of a separation.

Depression is often the cause of conflicts in the partnership

“The high number of separations shows what a profound Depression illness,” explains Ulrich Hegerl, President and CEO of the Foundation German depression aid, in a communication to the study. “In Depression, people who are ill lose the drive, your interest, and feel inwardly dead, without attachment to other people or their environment. You pull back and see the whole of everyday life as a black glasses. All of these disease-related changes have a massive impact on partnership and family relationships. Therefore, Depression is often the cause and not the result of a fair conflict.”

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However, Depression does not necessarily lead to a separation. A successful treatment of the disease may bring the bond back often. 36 percent of those Affected indicate in retrospect that the Depression had strengthened the relationship with the Partner even more in-depth. “The common will Survive the great tribulation, causes Depression, can lead to a growing together,” says Hegerl.

The survey also gives further insight into the experiences and the emotional life of families:

Depressed, Ill give in turn to have often misunderstood, felt, or allegations have been exposed to (84 percent).

Gaps in knowledge can lead to a lack of understanding

The results would show that “a great need for education” among members, so Hegerl. He advises you to inform yourself about the disease. “For those who don’t know what a Depression is, is to classify the withdrawal and the lack of care of the ill partner is wrong. It is no unkindness or ill-will, but signs of the disease.”

The depression help has therefore established, in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn Stiftung, Info-phone, Depression. There can be inform members and Concerned free of charge about the disease. The telephone number is 0800 33 44 5 33.

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