5 things that don’t actually cause cancer

Evidence-based medicine is evolving, and the Internet and media every day there is new information about cancer. And still around the word “cancer” is still a lot of myths, speculation and horror stories. Tell, what is actually not to be feared.

1. Sugar

Really what is not only accused this product: from tooth decay to diabetes. But in fact it’s absolutely safe: who allows a day to eat 25-50 grams of sugar.

The only (and very indirect) connection between cancer and sugar is obesity. You eat much sugar – weight gain – increase the likelihood of developing diseases. And not only cancer.

2. Sweeteners

These rumors go around the most famous sugar substitute – aspartame. But in fact there is no evidence that it can trigger the development of tumors. The us national cancer Institute in 2006 collected data almost half a million people and found no connection here. And the European Agency for food safety reported that, if not exceed the daily dose (40 mg per kilogram of body weight), aspartame is safe even for pregnant women and children.

3. Radiation from gadgets

In the 90-ies almost no one had no phones, no tablets, and now they have each. However, the statistics of morbidity has not changed.

The who conducted a large study from 13 countries and found out that the mobile phone does not increase your chance of getting a brain tumor. So, the radiation must be thousands of times stronger than comes from any gadget.

But the habit to sit on the phone at night really use you will not: scientists believe that blue light from the screen inhibits the nervous system.

4. GM foods

Daily we eat dozens of foreign DNA in the products. If the gene of corn or the fish could get into our genome and cause mutation in it, we would all be overgrown with scales and yellowed and no GMOs.

Besides, billions of people around the world every day we eat transgenic products. And often to diagnose cancer did not.

5. Heredity

Some types of cancer do depend on heredity, but not more than 10%. The main risk factor is age, gender (for certain types of illness), alcohol consumption, Smoking, diet and solar radiation. If you are afraid to get sick, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, regularly undergo examination and use sunscreen. And not to study the family tree.

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