Police officers do not keep a distance to a cancer patient, the police President apologizes

The output restrictions for the containment of Coronavirus in Bavaria particularly stringent: “The Leaving of one’s own apartment is allowed only where there are proper grounds”, – stated in the official regulation, which applies as before. The stay in the fresh air is not allowed in the free state, not only with members of their own household, but also with the life partner, even if you live together.

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After that, a Couple from Munich was on good Friday. As the Munich leaves “evening news” and “mercury” reports, wanted to make a 43-Year-old and his 38-year-old girlfriend an Easter trip with the car. The woman is recovering from a cancer disease. The Couple, however, was stopped by police officers during an inspection, the officials will have failed to comply with the minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Because of the violation of the output restrictions have been imposed in addition a fine.

Police officers impose an unjustified penalty

His partner had “a weakened immune system and is considered to be particularly at risk,” said the man with the “Münchner Merkur”. The Couple wanted to go Hiking in the Alps, to avoid the livelier places. On the journey, it was stopped in the small town of Ettal in the case of a traffic control. According to the descriptions in the media one of the officers stuck his head through the car window and thus, the minimum distance is not adhered to. And, although the woman heard because of their disease in the risk group.

The relevant notes, an official replied, “he didn’t really care if my girlfriend had cancer or not. The distance between the user and would solely determine it,” said the friend of the Diseased. In addition, it was imposed on the Pair of a fine in the amount of 150 Euro. “Irresponsible and arbitrarily calls” the 43-Year-old from Geretsried the behavior of the officials. They settled neither by the tears of his girlfriend of References to the Website of the Bavarian Ministry of the interior convince.

Following the incident, the Couple has filed a disciplinary complaint and get right. According to the “evening newspaper” called police chief Robert Kopp in person with the man to inform him that the fine should not be paid. The behavior of the police officers involved will now be examined internally.

Sources: “The Evening Newspaper” / “Münchner Merkur”

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