Warm weather for Easter: How to spend the holidays?

Warm as summer it was on Wednesday in many Parts of Germany. Not only, as here in Frankfurt, it also attracted so many people outside. “Is quite good, now to go to the Park to do sports, because the gyms have closed. And we do so every day. And also a little bit of time on the balcony to enjoy.” “So, I mean, we have a lock now, fortunately, is still not a complete output, but only the distance. That said, I’ve been trying to stay within the rules, but to celebrate of course, Easter. As a Christian, this is very important to me.” “I don’t go out, but alone, unfortunately with the family. The time, I can’t. This is a bit sad.” “We have a garden Plot, where we’re going. Yes, because we go and look for eggs and stuff like that. Otherwise, we do nothing.” Eggs you can find at Easter, especially in the South of Germany with temperatures up to 25 degrees, said Andreas Friedrich, meteorologist from the German weather service. With higher temperatures, the hazards of Outdoor climbing however. “We currently have pollen in large Parts of Germany, already a strong flight of Birch. The problems for many Allergy sufferers. The will also be over the Easter holidays is certainly a Problem. Furthermore, it is dangerous out there, because it is very dry now. We have in some regions in Germany already has the second highest forest fire danger. Also in the case of grass land, there can be problems. So, since you have to be careful. There might be a fire. The third risk relates to anyone who is now outside in the beautiful weather. Because the UV Index is very high. Just to the South of Germany, we have a high UV-index values, so that one must be very careful when you are out. And should choose good sun protection, because otherwise it can quickly sunburn.” Also crowds should continue to be avoided. The Bonner clerk’s office closed on Wednesday in certain areas. The cherry blossom in the old town to see interested in better photos or for the coming spring offers, advises the Bonn Lord mayor.