Lack of help with tobacco withdrawal: WHO faulted for inadequate requirements in Germany

The protection of non-smokers is growing worldwide and is Smoking in the majority of countries is always more expensive and heavier – but aid to weaning there is still. To this end, the world health organization (WHO) in their new world-tobacco-report.

You presented it in Rio de Janeiro, because Brazil is the Turkey, only the second country in the world, that all of the WHO-recommended measures are implemented to Curb tobacco use fully. Tobacco can be smoked, but also snorted or chewed.

Even Germany is criticized

In the case of Germany, WHO criticised the fact that there is still too little to strict guidelines for smoke-free public spaces. In support of smokers who want to get rid of the nicotine addiction, you need to catch up. Bans on advertising should be strengthened and taxes increased.

“To stop Smoking is one of the best things you can do for his own health,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Although the proportion of smokers in the total population decreases. Due to population growth their number remains at around 1.1 billion, constant. 80 percent of them live in countries with low to middle-income.

E-cigarette harmful to health

Each year, eight million people die, according to the WHO, tobacco consumption. The economic cost and loss of Working days were lost through health 1.4 trillion dollars (1.3 trillion euros) a year.

From the statistics of the Europe region shows that in Georgia, almost 57 percent of the men smoke (2016), in Germany 29 per cent (2013) and in Iceland, 15.3 per cent (2015). The WHO warns of a Cigarette substitute such as E-cigarettes and products in which tobacco is heated instead of burned. All are dangerous to health.

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Current measures are not enough

More than six out of ten inhabitants of the Earth today live in countries least likely to have taken a measure against tobacco consumption, the WHO. The are four times as many as in 2007. Almost half of the people live in countries that have disgusting pictures of ulcers caused by tobacco, and on packs.

Only 2.4 billion people live in countries that support people who want to quit tobacco consumption, such as the WHO writes. The organization recommends, for example, Hotlines for emergency telephone consultation, or Online or mobile services. In-house physicians to smokers to appeal and to aid in the Cessation, and nicotine replacement therapies are to be financially supported.

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