Pregnant women and the elderly need flu shots before the New year

Seniors and pregnant women must necessarily pass through flu shots before the New year. In the winter thousands of people of this category are most at risk for the dangerous virus.

Experts urge seniors and pregnant women to have time to go through flu shots before the New year, as people from this category have an increased risk of encountering the virus. Although this vaccine does not give absolute protection from the flu, which mutates constantly, it still increases the chances not to get sick or to transfer a more mild form of the disease. Note that retirees have lowered immunity due to age-related changes, and in their case the flu is more severe. It is especially dangerous to pregnant women flu as it represents a threat not only to women themselves but for the future children that may die or be born prematurely.

Besides, the flu often causes pregnant dangerous complications like pneumonia. And although statistics show that many expectant mothers specifically refuse such vaccinations, as I consider them dangerous, in reality, much more dangerous these vaccinations are to do. Pregnant still go to work, use public transport and meet a lot of people, and hence the probability of infection with influenza is high. It is much higher than the purely arithmetical chance of encountering any complications after vaccination, which is hundredths of a percent.

Also flu shots are useful for people with a weakened immune system due to any disease or medical condition. They are suitable and children are much more likely to develop influenza than adults. (READ MORE)