Diabetics should not so often check the level of sugar

Control of blood sugar levels is extremely important for patients with diabetes. However, research has shown that many diabetics are needlessly checking sugar at home.

Approximately 14% of US citizens suffering from type II diabetes, for no reason check several times a day the blood sugar levels, the study showed. More than half of those who use the meters are, in reality, don’t need it. Victims of type II diabetes that do not require specific treatment or those who have good control of the symptoms, do not need to test their blood at home, as stated by the doctors. Medication can cause a dangerously low drop in blood sugar levels.

The study authors examined information on more than 370 000 patients with type II diabetes. They emphasize that many of them do not use insulin or other medications, and therefore are not included in the risk group in connection with the threat of sudden changes of sugar level in the blood. They shouldn’t be so often check at home blood sugar. These totally unnecessary checks cause anxiety, panic attacks and entail unnecessary costs. In this case, more does not mean better when it comes to caring for your health.

Many patients are able to keep the amount of blood sugar in the comfort of the framework using only tablets for oral administration without using insulin. Taking these pills do not require regular testing, as medications can provoke sharp changes in the indices of sugar. However, some diabetics should check blood sugar at home, but not more often than once a day. This must be done at the same time, given the factors that can affect this figure, like physical activity, eating and other things. (READ MORE)