Pete Davidson’s Proud Mom Wished Him a Happy Birthday With Throwback Pics & It's a Gift For Us All

It’s Pete Davidson‘s 29th birthday, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by looking at throwback photos of baby and kid Pete? That’s exactly what his mom has gifted us on her son’s day, and we love her the most for it.

Captioning a carousel of throwback pics on Instagram “Happiest birthday to you Peter! We love you and you have made us laugh since the day you were born! Have the best day!! 💙🎂🥰,” Davidson’s mom shared seven photos that all capture his lovably chaotic personality with gusto.

The birthday collection starts with a photo of Davidson as a baby, sitting on a family member’s lap wearing nothing but a diaper and a funny facial expression. He was either already a jokester at sub-one-year or he was pooping — either guess seems pretty valid.

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The next photo is of Davidson and his father, Scott, at a fall festival at what looks like age 5. The father-son duo is wearing matching blue outfits, his dad in a blue plaid flannel and him in an oversized denim jacket, looking very Midwestern despite their Staten Island roots. The best part of the photo is again Davidson’s facial expression — a scrunched-up smile that looks either incredibly happy or like he wants to punch someone.

The following photo is probably the best of the bunch — we see Davidson, somewhere between ages 8 and 10, holding an acoustic guitar while wearing black dress slacks and shoes with a white button down, red vest, and black bowtie. His arms are going in directions that look uncomfortable and his facial expression mirrors his probable discomfort — we’re positively cackling at the silliness of it all.

Next is a sweet snap of Davidson and his sister, Casey, in front of their Christmas tree. Davidson looks exactly the same, just about two decades younger. The following two photos are action shots of a young teenage Davidson causing absolute chaos with his friends, riding down the street in a disassembled children’s wagon, screaming the whole way.

The last photo is another Christmastime shot, this one with both his mother, Amy, and Casey. He looks to be about 12 and is wearing a t-shirt with The Rock on it, which is the cherry on top of this hilarious birthday sundae for us.

It may be Davidson’s day, but that sure did feel like a gift to us all — bless his proud mom.

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