Cauli pizza to pav bhaji pizza: 7 vegetarian pizza recipes you can try at home

Make these healthy and delicious vegetarian pizzas for your kids.

By Kejal Sheth

Pizzas are a favourite among children. So, in case you are struggling to feed veggies to your kids, use them to make these healthy pizza dishes, which your kids will surely enjoy eating.

Pav bhaji pizza


Left over rotis (wheat flour), tomatoes, capsicum, onion, brinjal, potato, pav bhaji masala, salt as per taste, butter/ghee


Pressure cook tomatoes, potato and brinjals till soft.

Chop capsicum, onions into fine pieces.

Mash the tomatoes, potato and brinjal together and keep it aside.

Saute the capsicum and onions on low flame with little butter.

Add the mashed vegetables and cook till the water of the vegetable dries up.

On the other hand, the leftover rotis cook one side till little crisp.

Add one portion of the bhaji on the roti and spread evenly and cook on very low flame till it gets crisp.

Cut evenly and serve hot.

Bhakri pizza


Wheat flour, capsicum, broccoli, baby corn, onion, butter/ghee, tomato ketchup


Chop the vegetables finely and keep aside.

Make a thick dough out of wheat flour by adding ghee.

Roll one bhakri out of it and cook it on low flame till hard and crip on both the sides.

Spread ketchup on one side and add all the vegetables evenly.

Cook it covered on tawa for two minutes.

Cut it evenly and serve hot.

Cauli pizza


Cauliflower, pasta(penne/shells), tomato sauce, salt as per taste, wheat flour, spices for pasta


Boil pasta with some salt till soft and cooked.

Grate cauliflower very finely and mix it with wheat flour and make a dough out of it.

Roll one thick roti out of the dough.

Check on pasta if soft, drain the excess water and mix it with ketchup and cook it.

Add little chilli powder and sugar for flavours.

Cook the cauli roti till crisp and add one portion of the pasta on it and cover it with lid.

Not to cook much as our pasta are well cooked.

Cut evenly and serve hot.

Almond flour pizza


Almond flour, paneer, tomato ketchup, onion, salt as per taste


Knead dough out of almond flour.

Make one roti and keep aside(it will be little brittle can add any other flour along with it too).

Add oil in a pan and saute onions, add some garam masala.

Add the pieces of paneer and cook a little till paneer becomes golden and crisp.

Spread ketchup on the roti evenly and add the panner stuffing evenly on it.

Cut evenly and serve hot.

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Oats jowar pizza


Oats flour, jowar flour, american corn, cheese, salt as per taste, oregano, chilli flakes, butter for cooking


Make a dough of oats flour and jowar flour and add some salt.

Make a roti out of it and keep it aside.

Boil the corn in salt water till cooked and soft.

Grate cheese in a container and add chilliflakes and oregano as per taste.

Add the cooked corn in the cheese. (can even use the cheese spread).

Cook the roti on tawa and add one portion of the stuffing and cook it little with covered lid.

Cut evenly and serve hot.

Multigrain pizza


Multigrain flour, bell peppers, broccoli, american corn, onion, butter for cooking, tomato ketchup


Make dough out of the multi grain flour.

Make one roti and keep aside.

Chop all the vegetables finely.

Cook the roti with little butter on both sides.

Spread tomato ketchup and add the vegetables evenly.

Cook it with covered lid.

Cut evenly and serve hot.

Broccoli sesame pizza


Broccoli, sesame seeds, paneer, spinach, wheat flour, salt as per taste, butter, tomato ketchup


Blanch spinach and make a puree out of it(thick puree).

Cut paneer into pieces and keep aside.

Grate broccoli, add sesame seeds and add it in the wheat flour and knead dough out of it.

Make a roti out of it and keep aside.

Cook the thick spinach puree and add salt and paneer pieces.

Keep it thick, if excess water let it get cooked.

Cook the roti both the side with butter.

Spread ketchup and mustard add one portion of the stuffing on one side and no need to cook more as the spinach is well cooked.

Cut evenly and serve hot.

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