Bacterial Apocalypse: if you really need to take antibiotics?

The study, researchers from the University of Maryland (USA) showed: of the 506 cases where doctors prescribed antibiotics, was justified only 353. In other cases the same result could drink chamomile tea and read conspiracies. Tell how not to share their fate.

What is an antibiotic?

A drug that kills bacteria. The first antibiotic – penicillin – was funded by the Alexander Fleming from fungi in 1928.

Since then it has opened many new classes of antibiotics: everyone has their own mechanism of action. Some kill only one, some many species of bacteria.

When they are needed and when not?

Antibiotics only help in infections caused by bacteria. In all other cases they are useless. SARS and the flu we get sick because of viruses, therefore, antibiotics can not drink.

To distinguish viral from bacterial infection is not so simple. Therefore, the doctor may ask you to take the tests: for example, pain in the throat can cause the virus, maybe strep. In the first case, you just lie a few days in bed and to relieve the symptoms, and the second is to drink antibiotics.

Most often due to bacteria developing a bladder infection, skin disease, sinusitis, pneumonia and some ear infections. The most common disease that requires treatment with antibiotics is acute otitis media.

How not to hurt yourself if the antibiotics still need to drink?

Just follow these rules:

  • Do not interrupt the course. Otherwise it will perish only the most sensitive antibiotic to the bacteria, and the rest will begin to grow. Due to the fact that people do, scientists have to develop new medicines that can kill mutants.

But longer than necessary, the rate can also increase the stability of the bacteria. Therefore, your task is to find an experienced doctor and do everything he says.

  • Do not take antibiotics that are prescribed by you doctor last time. Or asked their wife/neighbor/friend from the same disease. Individual reaction of an organism can be very different – so the choice to do a specialist.
  • Some antibiotics are strictly forbidden to take with alcohol. This can lead to shortness of breath, palpitations, headache, convulsions, vomiting and reduced cardiac activity. Read the instructions carefully or ask the doctor as it is better not to drink during treatment. Alcohol with medication is almost always a bad combination.

And then of course you need to recover?

No drugs additionally do not need to take: just lead a healthy way of life (but it and without antibiotics will not interfere). Immunomodulators, probiotics and medications, which are prescribed ostensibly to restore the body has not proved its effectiveness.

Why is it better to give up alcohol during treatment, tell the article was”Incompatible drugs and drinks”.