Andy Cohen’s Daughter Lucy Is Sweet as Pie in New Photo

Andy Cohen is enjoying snuggles with his 4-month-old daughter Lucy, and he posted the sweetest picture of the moment to Instagram today. His baby girl is an absolute doll — and apparently has the personality to match.

“She is so bright-eyed & sweet as 🥧,” Cohen captioned the picture, and you can definitely tell how sweet-natured she is. Lucy looks as delicious as pie too, with those precious chunky thighs and bright blue eyes. We just want to squish her!

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Lucy’s outfit is on point, like always, in a white-and-blue floral two-piece. Her long dark hair is fastened away from her eyes with a tiny blue bow, and she’s looking wide-eyed at something out of the camera. Her pink cheeks look so kissable! The Watch What Happens Live! host is relaxed on the couch, looking cozy with his little girl, and she is the picture of contentment on his lap holding his fingers.

“Really cute,” actress Amy Sedaris commented. Model Naomi Campbell wrote, “Lucy we can’t wait to meet you 😍😍😍❤️.”

Others pointed out how perfect this snap is. “That’s one for a frame , so precious ❤️❤️❤️,” one person wrote. Another added, “She is a doll!! 😍❤️”

Cohen, who is also dad to Ben, 3, often posts about Lucy’s outfits. Last month, he shared a cute photo of her wearing a bright yellow fruit and veggie dress.

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Even Ben can’t get enough of her cuteness, as he is often seen giving his baby sister kisses. Of course, Ben is super sweet today. This morning, he pretended to be a doctor for his dad in a super cute moment.

“Early morning Dr. appointment..” Cohen wrote on his Instagram Stories. In the video, he’s sitting on the floor and says to Ben, “Oh no, I’m sick again?”

Ben responds in the cutest little voice, “Uh-huh. And you do have a big bad cold though because you’re sick.” He then gives his dad “a thing for medicine,” checks his temperature, and gives Cohen a big hug. It’s completely adorable.

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