20+ Sparkling Baby Names That Mean Ice or Snow

Baby names that mean “ice” or “snow” are the coolest names around – quite literally! Wintry weather has been a huge part of the human existence since, well, the beginning of human existence. Paleolithic-era cave paintings contain the first recorded evidence of skis (used for ease of movement across icy terrain, not sport). Ancient Greek and Roman mythology had their own gods and goddesses of ice, snow, and winter weather. There are tons of songs, stories, and poems throughout history about ice and snow — and is it any wonder? Those winter elements are, at turns, the creators of gorgeous, peaceful landscapes and a force to be reckoned with, able to immobilize entire cities.

So when it comes to choosing a baby name — especially for a winter baby — why not pay homage to the beauty and power of snow and ice with a baby name that means snow and ice? We’ve curated a list of baby names that either directly mean, or are directly influenced by, these two frosty forces. Bonus: each of these names is unique and beautiful, not something you’ll find on a top-ten list … or three of in every classroom.

If they’re a little too non-mainstream for your taste, you can always use them as a jumping-off point for inspiration — such as other names that incorporate them (Phoenix contains the word “nix” for example, which is Latin for “snow”, and Sabrina contains the word “brina” which is Italian for “frost”). Or you can use them as a beautiful and unique middle name! The (winter) sky is the limit!

Baby Names That Mean “Ice” or “Snow”

Aisa — Samoan for “ice”

Aneira — Welsh for “much snow”

Ayaz — Turkish for “frost”

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