Walnuts prevent bowel cancer

According to a study conducted by American scientists from the University of Illinois, daily presence in the diet of handfuls of walnuts can prevent the development of heart problems and colon cancer. Health effects of nuts is evident after 6 weeks of their use.

“Daily consumption of a handful of walnuts for 6 weeks leads to the fact that as in the human body decreases the production of excessive amounts of secondary bile acids that are produced in the intestines, not the liver as the primary. Previous studies have shown that secondary bile acids are associated with increased risk of colon cancer,” stated the authors.
A variety of acids, referred to, are known for their ability to damage cells within the digestive tract. For their production in the intestine responsible specific germs. Eating walnuts helps to reduce the number of these bacteria, which contribute to dietary fiber nuts. Dietary fibers serve as food for the “good” gut bacteria, reproduction of which is replacing the “bad” flora. Thus there is an improvement in the condition of the heart and the gastrointestinal system, said scientists.

“If we can reduce the number of those in the gut bacteria that are involved in the production of secondary bile acids, in General, improve your health,” added the scientists.
Their calculations show that the use of a week more than three servings of nuts at 30 grams prevents the risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease by 55%. Daily consumption of walnuts in such numbers by 45% reduces the probability of death from cancer, including bowel cancer.

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