Cocoa contains vitamin D2, which protects from many diseases

To preserve health in winter you need to ease up on the cocoa. German scientists found that foods containing cocoa, can be used as a source of vitamin D, the lack of which deprives the body of protective resources and makes a person prone to the development of many diseases and depression. The scientific results showed that, published the journal Food Chemistry.

Cocoa protects from many diseases and prolongs life, – this conclusion was made by scientists from Halle-Wittenberg University and the Institute of max Rubner. Experts note that in the first place, their conclusions relate to the cocoa butter and dark chocolate

The study showed that cocoa beans contain a precursor of vitamin D, which is in the process of drying in the sun are converted into vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). Vitamin D2 is formed by the impact of ultraviolet radiation on ergosterol is the connection the person receives with food, as well as from your own skin, where it is produced under the influence of UV rays.

The defect discovered in cocoa vitamin can lead to the development of many diseases that can shorten life. It is known, for example, that vitamin D2 protects against the appearance of heritable diseases by enhancing the transcription of RNA from DNA. Vitamin D2 is involved in the regulation of immune function, enhance the body’s resistance to infections. To the estimated duration of life of HIV-positive people an important criterion is the content of D2 in the blood.

Additionally, this vitamin contained in cocoa, regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, blood vessels, regulates blood sugar and insulin activity, prevents the growth of malignant cells and has a preventive effect on the development of cancer of the colon, rectum, bladder, prostate, ovarian, breast.

Scientists say that the problem of lack of D and its variants are particularly relevant in winter, when short daylight hours and cloudy weather sunlight often enough. During this period, products with cocoa will bring the human body a huge favor, that will contribute to the protection against diseases and thereby contribute to the prolongation of life.

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