Salt can lead to heart failure

According to the data obtained during the research of the Finnish scientists, the love of pickles can badly affect the heart. Experts from the National Institute of health and welfare in Helsinki have established that consumption of large amounts of salt significantly increases the risk of heart failure.

According to Finnish researchers, heart failure often occurs against a background of disregard for the rules of a healthy diet and excess salt in the diet is one of the most common violations culinary properties associated with the development of problems with the body first and foremost with the heart and blood vessels.

“The heart does not like salt. Abuse of salt can be considered as an independent factor in the development of coronary heart disease and stroke,” said Finnish experts.
Scientists believe the high number more than 13.7 grams (2,5 teaspoon) of salt per day. The use of salt in such amount twice increases the likelihood of developing heart failure, estimated by experts. Previously they analyzed data about health more than 4.6 thousand people aged 25-64 years, with the lifestyle which doctors observed 12 years.

The researchers note that heart health can threaten not too big at first glance, the amount eaten by the salt. According to them, “the risk of developing heart disease occurs at the level of consumption of about 1.2 teaspoon of salt per day, regardless of increased human pressure or not.”

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