When starting hypertension to cure the person can healthy habits

The specialists of the University of North Carolina (USA) found that following healthy habits helps to improve the condition of people with hypertension starting so well, that even allows you to refuse medicines. Healthy habits, referred, is the increase in consumption of fruit and vegetables, reducing fat, salt and “fast” carbohydrates in the diet, and regular physical activity.

Adherence to these habits in the early stages of hypertension actually cures, as the need for the use of medicine is no longer American scientists. Their conclusions on this subject were published by EurekAlert!.

The researchers found that in the initial stages of hypertension (blood pressure at the level 130-160/80-90 mm Hg. art) significantly reduce the need for drug therapy with healthy habits can be processed within 16 weeks. It was discovered during the experiment with the participation of 129 men and women aged 40 to 80 years who are overweight or obese.

According to experts, all participants of the experiment to its beginning had symptoms of incipient hypertension – absolutely all the pressure was increased. Half of the volunteers regularly took antihypertensive drugs. Trials the people were divided into groups, each of which adhered to a particular format of supply. The first group began to eat less animal fat and used only a minimum of red meat, salt and sugar, whereas fruit and vegetables and lean protein foods, on the contrary, began to eat more. Also, these subjects regularly performed exercise. In the second group the volunteers adjusted the diet, but without exercise, and in the third were their way of life.

After 16 weeks the first group who have put in your lifestyle of healthy habits, not only lost weight, but had significantly improved blood pressure. However, only 15 percent of the subjects in this group continued to require medication for high blood pressure (the second or the third group did not receive even close to that results). Scientists believe that healthy habits not only cure people for hypertension starting, but also protect against pre-diabetes – a dangerous, often unrecognized condition which can seamlessly transition into diabetes.

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