Abuse of salt leads to the development of multiple sclerosis

Abuse of salt is associated with a significant increased risk of developing such dangerous diseases as multiple sclerosis, scientists at Yale University (USA). Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disease in which there is a violation of the myelin sheath of nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord.

On data obtained by American scientists reported in a press release MedicalXpress. The researchers stated that they found the relationship between the amount of salt that is eaten, and the emergence of human multiple sclerosis.

Scientists from Yale have been able to detect, which leads to inflammatory processes that affect the Central nervous system. According to their conclusion, inflammation, the consequence of which is the development of multiple sclerosis occurs on the background of an imbalance of the cytokines interferon-gamma and interleukin-10 produced by regulatory T-cells. In these cells if the concentration of salt the activation of the Wnt signaling pathway that stimulates the activity of the protein, which causes a disruption in their work. This affects various parts of the nervous system.

Multiple sclerosis today – the disease is incurable. On average, patients with multiple sclerosis live 5-10 years less than healthy people.

Note that in 2013 the journal Nature published the data collected by American and German scientists, svidetelstvuet that abuse of common salt may be risk factor of development of autoimmune diseases and particularly multiple sclerosis. The scientific experts then said: I have noticed that people are frequenting fast food restaurants, there is “overproduction” of cells that participate in inflammatory processes in the body.

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