Genes in the body, girls always turn into tumors

28-year-old girl claims that her genes are continually developing in the tumor. To date, she managed to win four cancers caused by rare DNA, which is the risk of tumors in her body grows 16 times.

In 17 years, a resident of Texas, Lauren Erdmann, Marler knew about that cancer. Previously, she never visited the oncologist, is not passed through genetic testing, but was aware of the fact that the disease is located in her “in the bones”. The fact that the last two years of his young life, Lauren was faced with bleeding when visiting the toilet. Blood in the stool look intimidating, but 15-year-old girl was too embarrassed to tell their parents or anyone else. Finally, only 17 years old, she still decided to do this, outlining the problem in a letter sent to the mother.

As soon as mom read the letter, she reassured her daughter and told her that she’s not dying. But Lauren definitely need to visit a doctor. And doctors diagnosed cancer and he was the first of the four faced girl in the next decade. The fact is that due to a rare genetic defect that Lauren has a 16 times higher risk of cancer. That is why 28 years she has been ill with colon cancer, uterine cancer and lymphoma. It is noteworthy that cancer of the intestine in children and adolescents occurs with a frequency of three cases per 15 million And Lauren managed to catch it twice.

However, the exact cause of her health problems was established only recently, when an Australian doctor diagnosed a condition called a deficiency, defects of a constitutional-compliance (CMMRD). He found an extremely rare and currently found him less than 100 Americans. The presence of CMMRD increases the risk of tumors of certain organs in 16 times. In particular, victims of this disorder are significantly more likely to develop cancer of the colon, rectum, uterus, brain, lymphatic system and blood. In fact, the deficit turns genes in the tumor due to the lack of a single “repair” gene in the pair. That’s why Lauren tries to live to the maximum and to do of his life as much as possible. (READ MORE)