Five top tips for lung health

Lung diseases represent one of the biggest threats for human health, connected with them every sixth death in the world. Doctors-pulmonologists from Germany shared his tips on what actions need to be taken to preserve the health of the lungs.

Tip one: stop Smoking.Maybe someone with this Board will seem banal, but in fact he is one of the best for the recovery of the lungs in their effectiveness. Smoking contributes to more severe scenarios of diseases affecting the pulmonary route may lead to asthma, fibrosis, and cancer.

Tip two: exercise. Physical activity is extremely important for the health of the lungs – it stimulates the activity of the tissues and encourages the lungs to a greater extent to fill with oxygen, which stimulates blood circulation and protects the heart, improves metabolism.

Tip three: spend more time outdoors. Experts note that living in ecologically unfavorable environment with air, in which a lot of automobile and industrial exhausts is dangerous for lung health. According to them , you need to find the opportunity to spend more time in green areas, where vozdukhoochistka due to the abundance of vegetation.

Tip four: to strengthen the immune system.With age in humans, the immunity weakens and becomes harder to fight infections, including lung. The older, the harder you should take different measures to strengthen the immune system,For healthy lungs from this direct benefit.

Tip five: to breathe correctly. It is important to breathe deeply, making full breaths. In addition, the experts recommend to strengthen the health of the lungs daily in a few minutes to practice some breathing exercise.

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