Night trips to the bathroom associated with the consumption of salt

Salt intake affects nocturnal awakening with the purpose of visits to the toilet. Scientists have established for a more sound sleep you need to reduce the amount of salt.

“Reducing salt intake, you can reduce the number of night trips to the toilet in people at different ages”, – this statement was made by scientists from the University of Bristol.
In favor of this conclusion are the results of research with participation of 300 people. All these volunteers were prone to awakening and night trips to the toilet. After studying their lifestyles, researchers have paid attention on the amount of salt in the diet of the subjects and gave the volunteers the appropriate recommendations to reduce its concentration in the consumed food.

200 participants, following medical instructions, have reduced salt intake to 8 grams, and the number of night awakenings and trips to the toilet is also reduced.

“Previously in the form factor of frequent urination was considered excessive use of water, but now we recommend to solve this problem, reduce the amount of salt in a diet no more than a teaspoon a day,” – said on this occasion, the authors of the project.
The data of a number of scientific studies show: night trips to the toilet can trigger lack of sleep, fatigue and the occurrence of heart disease. This awakening, coupled with a visit to the toilet violate the integrity of nighttime sleep, contributing to the appearance of these unpleasant symptoms, such as mood swings, fatigue, depression, weight gain. Regular trips to the toilet at night only reinforce unhealthy habit. According to doctors, a serious problem for the organism is nocturnal excretion of forty percent or more of the daily value of urine.

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