Because Running is The best Workout for losing weight

You don’t want before the summer season lose weight fast a few pounds, you know, but how? John Kersbergen has the solution: High-intensive interval training, or HIIT.

The fitness trainers that interval training is more effective than hour-long Jog. HIIT combines Cardio and strength training, which makes it the ideal weight-loss Workout! The Portal "Popsugar" Kersbgergen betrayed his best tips.

Lose weight with HIIT – so funktioniert's

"The most efficient way to achieve results, is a Form of HIIT as a full-body Workout with focus on strength training for specific regions of the body (upper body, lower body, abs) on different days in the Woche", the expert explains. The entire Workout, including warm-up will take no more than 45 minutes. Three to four units a week are Kersbergen, sufficient. A training plan could look like this:

  • Monday: full-body HIIT upper body
  • Tuesday: full body HIIT lower body
  • Wednesday: Day Of Rest
  • Thursday: full-body HIIT abdominal muscles and back
  • Friday: full body HIIT focus on a body region according to the choice
  • Saturday: Day Of Rest
  • Sunday: "active Ruhetag", for example, Yoga or go for a Walk

The principle of HIIT: exercise and recovery phases alternate, usually in a ratio of 2:1. For example, 40 seconds of intense Workout, in which you get the maximum force out of you, then 20 seconds of rest.

Combine Cardio can support Workouts such as Sprinting, Biking, Swimming, or rowing with a Mix of strength exercises such as Burpees, Squats or lying.

So HIIT Training is most effective

Kersbergen advises &quot: ;To create and try many Exercises in a short period of time, especially whole-body Exercises for more muscles and vebrennen more calories."

Who burns more calories, naturally faster. However, long Cardio workout is not necessary – HIIT heats up with the combination of strength and endurance, lipid metabolism and thereby helps in Slimming. But don’t forget: in Addition to a balanced diet determines the slimming success.

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